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July 30, 2011
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TF2: Ancient China- Medic by redscoutplz TF2: Ancient China- Medic by redscoutplz
TF2: Ancient China- Medic

Riffing off of =Folji's Medieval renditions of the TF2 characters, here's the characters localized for Ancient China.

Look who got kicked out of the local monastery. Evidently, Medic's less-than-admirable treatment of others just didn't cut it there. Skilled in the healing arts with acupuncture perfect for healing allies, he'd much rather rip someone open instead. His 月牙鏟 [Monk's Spade/"Crescent Moon Spade"] serves well for burying brutalizing others. While not in battle, he likes to hang out with his pet 鳳凰 [phoenix] Archimedes.

"醫生" literally translates to "Doctor", while "隊要塞 2: 古中國" is just "Team Fortress 2: Ancient China". I've checked the translations on several different sources, and if you still think they're wrong, don't bitch at me. Correct it yourself if you use the file; I've put quite a bit of time into these and can't be arsed to fix anything after upload for now.

Meanwhile =Skarlet-Raven's ancestors spin in their graves, hurrhurrhurr.

Team Fortress 2, TF2, Medic and Archimedes VALVE

Feel free to download the lineart (.PSD format) and use for coloring.


Please credit either ~redscoutplz or =Skarlet-Raven somewhere [Artist's Comments/right on the artwork] if you use this.
Linking back with your complete piece would be appreciated (and probably put in a special folder as well for all to see)
Feel free to use this for non-Team Fortress 2 context, but please credit the design to either ~redscoutplz or =Skarlet-Raven


Claim this design as your own
Use for commercial purposes/resell


The layers are in Vector Smart Object format so that they can be moved and resized/scaled to whatever size desired. To convert the layers after resizing to your needs (Photoshop CS3 and later)-

1. Select the Layer
2. Go to the "Layer" Tab
3. Go down to the "Rasterize" Tab
4. Click "Smart Object", "Layer", or "All Layers"

For those without Photoshop, the preview is a .PNG format to copy and paste into your chosen digital drawing/painting program (or to print out for you traditional artists).
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That is the official translation of Team Fortress 2, as it appear on the Chinese version of the official wiki.
Oh darn I'm sorry if my previous comment off as condescending (didn't fully read the description) I just wanted to you to know about the name that's all. 
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estoy-aqy Aug 11, 2011  Student General Artist
He actually looks vaguely Asian, too.


lol local monastery
It's gotta be the eyes.


Thanks for looking over this lineart.

ShuriShuShu Aug 10, 2011  Student General Artist
...I actually really, really like this concept for TF2. Great job! 8D
Re-envisioning things is rather fun.

Thanks for looking over this lineart.

ShuriShuShu Aug 12, 2011  Student General Artist
No problem! And I gotta say, Archimedes as a Phoenix is just too cool. :D
Hahaha, it had to be done. Archimedes is a cool character.
and we know so little about him too. But what little we know makes him awesome!
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